How to wall mount a TV

How to wall mount a TV

So you have probably already bought your One For All TV wall mount, congratulations!  

If you haven’t bought a tv bracket yet, no worries. We have got you covered with our product selector. Use the product selector below to choose the right TV wall mount for your television.

First things first...

Please check if your TV has VESA mounting holes on the back and if the bracket supports the right VESA size.

Also double check that there are no connectors or cords covered by the wall mount. Although the VESA standard specifies the location of cables and connectors, not all televisions take these guidelines into account. It may be necessary to use spacers to create some additional space between the TV and the bracket for your cables. All One For All TV wall mounts come with free spacers.

What tools do I need?

With most One For All TV wall mounts there is a spirit level included to allow you to mount your TV correctly. Besides this, you will need a screwdriver and a drill. A pencil to mark the drilling locations is also very handy. Did you know that all One For All TV wall mounts come with a drilling guide? Just stick it to the wall at the desired height and the guide clearly shows where each hole should be drilled. Handy!

Before you start, you first need to consider the following points: 

1.      Make sure your walls can hold the weight.

Of course all necessary screws and plugs to mount your bracket on a standard brick, concrete or wooden wall are included. If your wall is made of another material or if you don’t know the exact material of your wall, please contact a specialist installer for advice. The total weight of a TV plus wall mount can easily go up to 30 kg or even 50 kg and even though the TV wall mount and screws will be designed to hold this weight, your wall may not be able to. When in doubt please contact a specialist installer for advice. Your TV is usually not designed to survive a drop of 1.5 metres. 

2.      Make sure the wall can be drilled into.

Can you drill holes in your wall? With older houses in particular it is not possible to drill holes into the wall. One For All offers special mounting solutions for those occasions when you can’t drill into your wall. Discover our TV Stands, a NO drill solution! 

3.      Make sure there are no wires or pipelines nearby.

Please check very carefully if there are any wires/pipelines on or nearby the place you want to drill the holes. We don’t want you to get electrocuted or to have a leakage. 

4.      Think about cord-concealing

Nobody likes a wall full of cords and cables. That’s why you should consider a cord-concealing plan. There are several ways to conceal cords:

-          Let a specialist conceal the cords behind the wall. Don’t do this yourself unless you are absolutely sure of what you are doing.

-          Buy a TV cord cover to cover up the cords. 

5.      Make sure to hang your TV at the ideal height.

Nobody wants to look up or down all the time when watching tv. In general we recommend the middle of the TV screen to be at around 40 inches (1,02 meters) above ground level. 

6.      Don’t hang your tv above a fireplace

This might go without saying, but you should never hang your TV above a fireplace. There are two important reasons why this is not recommended:

  • The first reason is the viewing angle of a television mounted above a fireplace is very uncomfortable for your neck. Why do you think front rows of a cinema  are always empty?
  • The other reason is that electronics in general don’t like heat very much. So when you use the fireplace every now and then it could negatively impact the electronics inside the television.

So, you made sure the bracket fits your TV, you got the tools and checked if your wall supports the weight of the TV. Now we are getting ready to install!

Check out the installation video below or read trough to the instructions below the video. 

Installation Instructions

1. Remove the base that comes with the TV if it is attached.

2. Lay the TV on its face (glass down). Make sure to lay it on a soft surface to avoid damage to the screen.

3. Attach the mounting bracket to the back of the TV and use a screwdriver to tighten the bolts. If any cables/connectors are blocked by the wall mount, use the included spacers to create a little bit of space for them.

4. Use the included drilling guide to mark the drilling holes with a pencil on the wall. Or, even more convenient, stick the drilling guide to the wall with some masking tape and drill straight through it. Use the One For All toolbox app on your mobile phone to easily find out the recommended height for your TV to be at eye level or if you want your TV to be either higher or lower, pick your own height. Please note, the middle of the wall mount may be different from the middle of your TV screen!

5. Drill pilot holes into the wall. These holes should be a little bit smaller than the bolts you’ll be drilling into them.

6. After the pilot holes, you need to drill the ‘real holes’. Please note that these holes are not thicker than the plug. The advised sizes are mentioned in the manual.

7. Now you can place your mounting bracket on the wall and screw it. Don’t tighten the screws all the way.

8. Make sure the bracket is level before tightening the screws. You can use the very handy spirit level that is included in the box or the spirit level function in the One For All toolbox app

9. When the bracket is on level, you can tighten the screws all the way.

10. Now you can attach your TV to the bracket.

11. Finally you need to attach the cables to your TV.

12. Now you are ready to enjoy your TV (bracket)!