The latest interior design trends for TVs and accessories in 2020

What is your biggest prize procession in your lounge? Of course, your TV…. and all the gadgets that go with it to keep you entertained (which is particularly helpful during this corona lockdown!). Enjoying time together with family is what it’s all about now. And of course, who doesn’t want to do it in style? Read on to find out the latest interior design trends for 2020…

What are the latest interior design trends this year? Think contemporary urban chic. We’re talking about having design pieces that actually make a statement in your living space. Say goodbye to anything chunky, mass made or impractical. Say hello to sleek lines, modern looks and real functional design.

This year must-have TVs are not just about having the latest technology, they need to look good as well. Ultra-slim with clean lines with a touch of elegance and high quality that blends into the décor. The same trends apply to TV standswall mounts and antennas. These TV accessories are now becoming design pieces in their own right.

Red Dot Awards 2020

The best interior design accessories of 2020 are a combination of well–thought out and aesthetic pleasing design with a big pinch of flexibility and relevance. Design professionals such as the D’Andrea & Evers agency, who we love working with at One For All, are leading the way in fusing together smart engineering and meaningful design.

Here’s the lowdown on the latest trends for 2020 for TVs and AV accessories: 

Firstly, it’s all in the look. 2020 is about minimalistic charm. Think sleek and stylish with a Scandinavian feel while bringing technology closer to interior. This was the thought behind our Tripod TV Stand and Falcon TV stands (which won a Red Dot Award this year – just saying!). Beautiful stands that show off your TV and blend in naturally with your room. 

Secondly, it’s all about convenient design. We mean practical and honest, versatile and functional. A TV or accessory that works effortlessly to help make your life easier. We are the generation who wants our technology and gadgets to perform in a nano second – we want design that makes sense and works well in our space. It’s about real smart engineering in every design.

If are looking for confirmation of these trends, then take a look at the Red Dot Awards nominees and winners this year in the video below. See for yourself the very best handpicked products recognised for their design concept and innovation.


Last year we won two awards for our Flux Wall mount and Indoor Design TV antenna. This year we are breaking new ground having introduced a new range of TV stands onto the market. A huge success so far in 2020, as the Red Dot Awards have chosen two of our best TV stands as worthy winners: our new universal Tripod and Falcon! Handcrafted from real wood, these are great examples of interior design at its best. These are sassy designs which become a centrepiece in your living room and are also very practical with, for example, an integrated universal soundbar holder and a convenient cable management system. Minimalism at its best.

One For All have also won a Red Dot Award 2020 for our two new Amplified Indoor TV Antennas – which feature a trendy fabric material in the design to blend into your interior. This is technology and design at its finest. These innovative TV antennas guarantee exceptional TV reception. A clever and modern design that you actually want to show off in your home.

At One For All we are changing the way we design. We are not just a company that makes universal remote controls. We are introducing new contemporary lines such as our TV stands, but we also keep innovating with products like the Streamer remote with its customised colour ring. Pushing the limits on design. Trying to offer our customers not only what fits the trends of today but what they really need for the future. Of course, doing this with one main aim: to make warm stylish looking products that look as good as they work.