Which is the best universal remote control for you?

Which is the best universal remote control for you?

We’ve all been there. It’s Saturday night and you are looking forward to some quality family time watching your favourite movie together. The popcorn is ready, the drinks have been poured, the lights are dimmed… and then instead of relishing in the much-awaited film, you curse under your breath whilst having a hissy fit. Just like dozens of times before, it becomes a big juggling act between the ridiculous number of remotes that you have accumulated over the years. To make matters worse, you never seem to remember which one is which and then there is always the one that gets away… hidden down the side of the sofa! Sounds familiar?  

Let’s rewind… what if you could eliminate this stress. What would life be like if you were able to control everything easily with just a press of a button. Wouldn’t it be amazing to just have one remote on your coffee table (yes, get rid of that clutter!) and click on ‘watch film’ and that actually happens... and instantly… if only life could be that simple! Well fortunately it can: welcome to our world of universal remote controls!

What is a universal remote control?

A universal remote control is just one remote (looks like your normal TV remote) which can replace all your audio-visual remote controls in your house. A remote control which is compatible with all brands and can single-handedly operate all your home entertainment appliances to make life easier. Including TV, STB, (Sat, Cable, Freeview), DVD/Blu-ray, (IR) Game console, Home cinema, Media player, Streamer, Soundbar and other audio devices. Whether you are totally tech savvy and want to get the very best all-in-one tv remote with all the new mod cons, or you are totally new to this concept and want to know how to find the best universal remote for you. Read on and we will give you the lowdown.

How do you choose the right remote?

Finding the best all-in-one remote really depends on your home situation. With numerous remotes to choose from and different price ranges, it can be difficult to know which one to buy. At One For All, we can help recommend the best universal remote control for you.

If you need to replace your lost or broken TV remote control, you can for example look at our Sony, Samsung, LG or Philips replacement controls. However, if you are searching for a new remote control to operate multiple devices you should check out our Smart Control 5, Evolve 4 or Contour 8 which consolidate all the remotes controls into one. But how do you choose the right one?

You need to consider:

  • How many devices you would like to operate?
  • Which brands do you have at home?
  • Which features are important to you?
  • What is your budget?

Why choose a One For All universal remote?

Simple! One For All is the leading audio-visual accessory specialist and the market-leader for universal remote controls worldwide. We know what we are talking about!

All our ultramodern One For All remotes have been designed with real purpose and functionality using the very latest technology. We don’t add frills for the sake of it. We ensure that each handheld remote is the best universal remote control it can be and is designed to suit your specific needs.

We have the biggest database in the world with over 335,000 device codes and 7000 brands which is updated every day. This means your One For All remote control is fully future-proof. All our remotes are IR based and our advanced Smart Control 5 and 8 also work on Bluetooth technology. We are excited to say that RF and voice control will all be added to the design in the near future.

The best bits in a nutshell

Our One For All universal remote controls have state-of-the-art design features including:

  • Activity keys: gives you seamless control over multiple devices as if they were one without changing between device types. Enables you to operate activities like ‘Watch TV’, ‘Watch Movie’, ‘Listen to Music’, ‘Play Game’ and a custom button to custom-make your own activity.
  • Find beep: means you will never lose your remote again. This clever feature is available on the Smart Control 5 and 8 only.
  • SimpleSet: makes installing standard functions on your remote super easy - even your little ones can do it! Just 3 steps to set-up your device and only 30 seconds to set-up a brand.
  • Learning feature: instantly copies missing functions from an original remote control to the new one.
  • Macro: programs your remote so it can run a sequence of commands with one keypress i.e. return to a favourite programme or switch off all your equipment when you go to bed with the touch of a button.
  • Combi control: allows you to control your TV, STB (Set Top Box), DVD/blu-ray and Audio as one.

Making your life easier

We pride ourselves on being a company you can rely on for experienced and trustworthy advice. Let us help you find the best universal remote for your home situation which is user-friendly for your whole family. 

To help make the right decision, you can use our handy search tool here below which will recommend the best (universal) remote control for you – in other words, which remote is best compatible with your home entertainment devices, brands and your individual needs. After all, we design remotes to make your life easier, so we also want to make finding one as easy as can be!