Braided Cable Sleeve
WM 5022
Cable Sleeve WM 5022_Main

Braided Cable Sleeve

WM 5022
  • Flame resistant material
  • Hide Unsightly Cables
  • Wear and Tear protection
  • Cuttable design
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Conceal your unsightly cables with this braided cable sleeve, no more loose cables hanging behind your TV. The luxury appearance of this cable sleeve blends right into your décor and brings in a neat and tidy feel.

Braided Cable Cover WM5022_Block1

Keep your cables safe!

This high quality braided sleeve will protect your cables from wear and tear. 

Braided Cable Cover WM5022_Block2

Cuttable design

Cut the sleeve to your desired length, the fabric of the sleeve can be easily cut with scissors.

Cable Cover WM5022_Block3

Flame resistant material

Avoid fire hazard thanks to the flame resistant material of the braided cable sleeve. 

Specifications & details
Product code
WM 5022
Braided Cable Sleeve
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