Aluminum Cable Cover
WM 5041
Aluminum Cable Cover WM5041_Main

Aluminum Cable Cover

WM 5041
  • Click & Lock System
  • Hide Unsightly Cables
  • Wear and Tear Protection
  • Easy Installation
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Conceal your cables with this aluminum cable cover, no more loose cables hanging behind your TV. This easy to install luxurious aluminum cable cover is a great companion to any wall mounted TV. 

Cable Cover WM5041_Block1

Keep your cables safe!

This high quality aluminum cable cover will protect your cables from wear and tear. 

Cable Cover WM5041_Block2

Click & Lock System

Thanks to the hinged Click & Lock system you can add or remove cables from this aluminum cable cover with ease.

Cable Cover WM5041_Block3

Easy Installation

Easily install the aluminum cable cover on the wall, screw it into the wall, run the cables through and close the cover, its as simple as that!

Specifications & details
Product code
WM 5041
Aluminum Cable Cover
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